Appraisal Process

... Mark Alfieri
Idaho Appraiser

... Mark Alfieri
6278 N. Federal Hwy., #140
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Tel: (949) 939-3847 • Fax: (941) 827-9855
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Present occupation:
Independent Insurance Adjuster/Appraiser/Umpire

Experience in insurance appraisals:

Estimated number of times that I have served as an Appraiser:300
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Policyholder:
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Insurance Company:100 %
Percentage of Appraisals acting as an Appraiser:
Percentage of Appraisals acting as the Umpire: 1 %

Other relevant information:
Extensive knowledge in residential/commercial construction. Worked as an
estimator for several years with a preferred contractor. Projects included new
construction, restoration, mold/asbestos remediation and contents evaluations.
Strong ability to evaluate a loss and determine a fair, equitable decision.

Years experience in insurance industry:

Insurance Company: Law Firm (Plaintiff):
Public Adjuster: Law Firm (Defense):
Independent Adjuster:8 Other:General Contractor/Estimator: 9+

Educational degrees / certifications:
B.A. Degree, Business Administration/Finance, California State
University, Fullerton